Services Provided by IPCU

The IPCU provides a range of services, including DPA administration, fiscal incentives management, gaming control, & lotteries oversight, ensuring compliance with regulations & promoting fair practices in Belize.

Designated Processing Areas (DPA) Administration

IPCU: Secretariat overseeing DPA applications, compliance, & duty exemptions for Designated Processing Areas in accordance with regulations.

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Fiscal Incentives Management

IPCU & Beltraide administer Fiscal Incentives, evaluating applications, ensuring compliance, & supporting investment for economic growth.

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Gaming Control & Licensing

IPCU enforces gaming regulations, processing applications, conducting checks, site visits, & issuing licenses for casinos, establishments, & online gaming.

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Lotteries Oversight

IPCU supports Lotteries Committee operations, coordinating with the Lotteries Secretary & providing guidance, while Treasury oversees day-to-day operations & collections.

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